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How do SuperNova LED Fishing Lights work?

It’s a lot easier to let schooling bait fish attract predators than it is to search for bait, first, and hope for a bite, second. Just drop a couple of SuperNovas over the side and let the bait come to you.

The submerged lights attract plankton that smaller fish like shad, minnows, shrimp, and menhaden, love to chow on. The bait fish then attract predators that feed on them, and before you know it your dinner will be swimming up to check out the action and have a little dinner themselves.

SuperNova fishing light

These highly durable and energy efficient lights provide an excellent solution for lighting while you're out on the water. Each SuperNova Fishing Light contains 290 Green 5050 SMD LED lights packed into a 24-inch, waterproof, fully submersible and saltwater ready PVC tubing.

They’re energy efficient

SuperNova LED Fishing Lights draw less than 5 amps/hr and have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours — that's a lot of night fishing! Each light has an 18-foot power cord equipped with alligator clamps for a quick and easy battery connection.

Custom options, like longer cord lengths and cigarette lighter plugs, may be available. Please contact us for your individual needs and custom orders.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please contact us for for more information. We're here to answer your questions and talk about fishing and the successful techniques we’ve developed for SuperNova Fishing Lights.

Our Extreme Duty Kayak LED Kits include

kayak at sunset on lake

SuperNova Fishing Lights kits contain from two to 10 strips, depending on product, and installation accessories including: switch/waterproofing boot, fuse and fuse holder, tie wraps, wire management pads, heat shrink, extra wire and adhesion promoter, and instructions (which can also be downloaded). You can also order individual LED Lighting Strips by length.

Supernova LED Boat Lights

SuperNova Boat Lights truly enhance your nighttime and tournament fishing experience. No more searching for a light to find gear and baits – just open the locker! Keep track of your loose rods and equipment on deck with dimmable deck and courtesy lighting for total control! That double digit will look awesome coming out of your lit live well!

  • Custom designed with professional installation available
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Safe below the water line and in saltwater
  • Sound-Integrated and Infra-Red Remote controllers optional
  • Color-changing LEDs

Picking the right LED light Strip Length for your boat

  • 12-foot strips for 14-18 foot boats
  • 16-foot strips for 18-24 foot boats
  • 19-foot strips for 22-plus foot boats
  • 22-foot strips for 25-plus foot boats

For a 22-foot Bay Boat we recommend:

  • (2) 16-foot Green or Blue Strips on the exterior
  • (4) 10-inch Blue, Warm White, or Red Strips around the console area
  • 4-inch Blue, Warm White, or Red Strips in the rod lockers

All connections are expertly soldered using marine grade wire and are expertly dressed and heat-shrink protected to ensure years of trouble-free operation!

making sure you’re safely seen

Increase your safety at night with Super Bright LED lights. We install external strips to light up docks, shore line, and structure for more safety and accurate casting.

We also light up live wells, rod/gear lockers, and consoles, in additional to rub rails, stern, and front marker areas.

How To Decide which color is right for you

Green is one of the brightest and attracts the most bait fish. It also renders colors nicely at night. Definitely the most popular choice.

Blue is easier on your night vision than green or white. Our blue LEDs do have some UV properties, and react with fluorescent line at casting distance. A great choice for cabin or exterior lighting.

Red is also easy on your night vision and is best at reducing insects, which also makes it popular for the cabin area.

Warm White has a yellowish tint, is easy on the eyes, and is popular in the cabin area of the kayak.

Cool White is blueish and is the brightest, so we recommend using it only on the stern or in an area where they won’t interfere with your line of sight.

SuperNova Fishing Lights LED strips

SuperNova Fishing Lights LED strips are made from Waterproof IP68 5050 SMD 60 LEDs/meter strips. They are extremely bright and energy efficient; for example, an Extreme Kayak Kit only draws around 2 amps/hr.

Each LED strip is fully encapsulated and gel-filled before attaching the wiring and then sealing each end to ensure a completely waterproof strip. These strips can be safely installed below the waterline and are rated for use in salt water.

SuperNova Fishing Lights Trailer Lighting Kit

Our trailer light kit takes the strain out of nighttime loading and unloading while making rigging before and after launch a breeze! Our kits do not take the place of DOT approved marker lights, and are intended solely as an aid for launching and retrieving watercraft at night.

Ready to order? Head to the store and start shopping

On your boat.

  • External Fishing Lights Below The Water Line
  • Under-Trailer & Marker Lights
  • Live Well Lights
  • Rod Locker Lights
  • Under Console Lighting

On your kayak.

  • Courtesy Deck Lights (Dimmable!)
  • Storage / Battery Compartments
  • Trolling Motor Foot Recessed Lights

Tips from the Pros

Download an easy-to-follow installation instructions PDF here.

Visit my YouTube channel for a full kit installation and related tips.

For a full list of what's included and all color options, check out our kits and strips over in our store.

Residential and Commercial applications

Request a quote for residential and commercial installations. Available in the Central Texas area including kitchens, offices, art galleries, store fronts, docks, decks, and more, each installation is fully customized to your specifications.

Deck and Dock Lighting

Turn your backyard or dock into a colorful and fun destination with remote controlled single color or color-changing lighting.

Store Policies

We ship Tuesday through Friday via USPS Priority Mail, First Class Parcel Post, or UPS Ground shipping. You should receive your lights within 5-7 business days.

We prefer shipping only to the 48 contiguous United States. We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, and have added basic shipping for other countries as well (call for pricing).

International Orders

We don’t know the exact charge for shipping to an international address until the order is packed and weighed at the post office.

You may contact us to request a quote before placing your order. Use our contact form or Facebook page messenger to contact us confidentially.

SuperNova Fishing Lights reserves the right to request additional shipping funds before shipping to cover costs.

Return Policy

Our lights have a 30-day money-back guarantee!* If you are not satisfied with your SuperNova LED Fishing Light(s), you may return them for your money back within 30 days, less shipping. Please contact us in advance for return authorization.

You will be refunded through PayPal. The Purchaser is responsible for return shipping. We will email you shipping and return information. Make sure that you securely pack your SuperNova LED Fishing Lights and include your PayPal receipt and contact phone number.

Our money-back guarantee does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, or abuse.

Custom Orders

*Please be aware that all custom orders are final. No returns. (We will, of course, honor your warranty.)


SuperNova LED Fishing Lights are covered by a 12-month limited non-transferable warranty against any manufacturing defects or component failure. You must be the original purchaser and possess your PayPal receipt showing the date of purchase.